Media Kit



Jersey Sports Zone puts its emphasis on  high definition video highlights and features of New Jersey high school sports.   After years of building a strong brand on the Jersey Shore with millions of views, 2017 brought the debut of Jersey Sports Zone and coverage from every part of the Garden State.  Jersey Sports Zone brings a new level of media coverage to New Jersey high school sports.  We’ve had a #1 play on ESPN SportsCenter, honored hundreds of athletes with season ending banquets and provided lifelong memories for families of athletes by capturing their great moments on and off the field.   We know how hard high school athletes work to get on the field and the work ethic and teamwork they show will pay dividends beyond the world of sports.  Jersey Sports Zone will discover future stars of major college and professional sports and promote high school athletes in a truly unique way.   If there’s one thing we’ve learned in covering New Jersey high school sports, if we bring our cameras to a game there’s a great chance that we’re going to capture something exciting through our lens.